EDPlan ConnectTM

Increase family engagement and meaningful participation in critical aspects of a student’s education with EDPlan Connect from PCG.

EDPlan Connect is an all-in-one caregiver portal that allows schools to securely and conveniently connect parents and caregivers to their child’s education plan.

Why choose EDPlan Connect?





EDPlan Connect helps districts:

  • Improve transparency
  • Promote equity
  • Encourage family engagement
  • Capture caregiver responses
  • Increase compliance
  • Decrease postage and paper costs
  • Optimize Medicaid reimbursement

EDPlan Connect provides caregivers a centralized, secure place to:

  • Streamline communication
  • Access student records online and in their native language
  • Sign documents electronically
  • Receive automatic and personalized notifications from other key stakeholders
  • Stay up to date with student progress

Securely notify, connect, sign, share and store student documentation!


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