Introducing EDPlanTM Identify & EDPlanTM Intervene

Early warning and intervention management solutions from PCG designed to support the whole child and improve educational outcomes for all students.

Why choose EDPlan for your early warning and intervention management needs?

By implementing EDPlan Identify and EDPlan Intervene, districts can:

  • Quickly identify students at risk of dropping out of school or not meeting grade level expectations
  • Engage in data-driven planning for academics, behavior, and social-emotional learning
  • Create and modify academic and behavior intervention plans at varying intensity levels
  • Employ an FBA/BIP process for managing plans for students with the most challenging behaviors
  • Gain rapid visibility to students’ responses to interventions via graphical displays of progress
  • Identify areas of disproportionality
  • Focus on the provision of equitable services and student success across all schools within the district
  • And more!

EDPlan is a suite of tools and services from PCG that helps you promote a plan for student success—in special education, academics, behavior, and beyond. EDPlan’s features have been designed in partnership with teachers, education professionals, and project management experts. EDPlan is being used in more than 30 states, supporting thousands of schools and districts nationwide, more than any other solution today.

Interested in learning more about EDPlan’s early warning and intervention management tools? Contact us today!