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Shifting Instruction with the Five Core Practices


Course Description

Go beyond instructional shifts with five research proven Core Practices. Ensure you're ready to effectively implement the College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) and prepare your students for success beyond graduation. This transformational online course helps teachers understand and implement instructional strategies that can directly promote student mastery of the Common Core and CCRS. Based on the Insight Core Framework and the Core Practices that are proven to promote deeper student thinking and reasoning, this course will prepare teachers to design and deliver high impact, aligned lessons in their classrooms.


Courageous Conversations About Race

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Course Presenter

Dr. Michael Moody

Dr. Michael Moody, is a Co-Founder of Insight Education Group. Dr. Moody's experiences as a classroom teacher, school and district leader and consultant have given him the unique expertise to support educators in implementing College and Career Readiness Standards.

Partner Profile

Insight Education Group is a national educational consulting that partners with schools, districts, charters, states, and organizations to support the rapid growth of teachers and school leaders. Since 2000, they have specialized in developing deep partnerships with education leaders to understand their unique challenges and work together to design and implement largescale educator effectiveness, leadership development and school improvement solutions that drive lasting change.

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