Professional Learning Platform (PLP)

All of Your Professional Learning in One Place. A comprehensive approach to providing personalized professional learning to all educators.



Insight Education Group (IEG)

KDS Courses

KDS Courses allow educators and district leaders access to the content and resources they need, delivered in a scalable, relevant format, according to the standards recognized and promoted by industry leaders to maximize effectiveness.

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PCG's Professional Learning Platform (PLP)

PCG's Professional Learning Platform (PLP) is a robust educator social networking and collaboration platform offering on-demand, high quality resources, community created and shared content, virtual communities of practice, forums for sharing observation and feedback, course authoring tools for district staff, coaching support tools, and tools to create individualized learning plans.

Features include


On Demand High-Quality Content

  • Over 5,000 KDS curated video lessons
  • 150 safety training and compliance courses
  • Course Authoring Tool for district created courses
  • Community uploaded resources, videos, lessons, and documents
  • PD content aligned to custom teaching frameworks
  • Integrate with district content repositories and 3rd party platforms


Community Shared Lessons & Resources

  • Searchable by keyword, tag, description, subject, grade, topic and framework
  • Content channels allow Districts to categorize resources according to content topic
  • Compilations will include the ability to create Learning Pathways of connected resources, videos and activities
  • Resources can be shared with groups and peers, or included as part of a Professional Learning Plan


community shared lessons & resources

Virtual Communities of Practice

  • Join or be invited into public or private groups
  • Engage in asynchronous discussions with group members
  • Share resources, build a group resource “locker” or link to other resources in and outside of the PLP platform
  • Schedule virtual meetings and share a group calendar
  • Synchronously collaborate with tools to connect group members through instant messaging, virtual meetings including desktop sharing, white boarding, and video sharing
  • Access a centralized newsfeed and community activity board showing activity across all groups, and connected peers
  • Receive push notifications related to group activity/events


Course Offering

  • Course Authoring & Creation Tools
  • The PLP eClassroom Online Course Environment
  • Course Facilitation / Instruction Dashboard & Tools
  • Simple wizard-based course creation design
  • Leverage activity templates, embed video, and add quizzes/assessments
  • Import SCORM based content directly into the course authoring tool
  • Manage registrations and course access through the KDS Learning Management Tools



Coaching & Mentoring

  • Coach dashboard provides quick access to all key coaching information
  • Coaches and teachers can set goals aligned to district and school goals
  • Assessments and observations help to personalize the learning experience
  • Teachers and coaches have virtual collaboration space to share resources, annotate classroom videos or lessons, and engage online


Professional Learning Plans

  • Goal setting based on learning needs aligned to personal, school and district priorities
  • Collaboration and tracking tools help coaches support and monitor active learning plans
  • Badges encourage the completion of activities and tasks motivating teachers as they complete their goals
  • Includes self-assessments and import of other measures configurable to custom learning frameworks



Reporting & Analytics

  • Aggregate level reporting
  • Access trends and popular resources across the district
  • Monitor coaching programs and engagements
  • Access course progress, performance, and credits earned
  • Save and print reports
  • View by district, school, or district


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