Aspiring Astronauts
Get Ready for Launch!

In celebration of National Space Day on May 1, 2020, PCG is excited to announce the launch of our Online Space Program beginning with a project created in partnership with the Aldrin Family Foundation, and ShareSpace Education.

We Came in Peace: The Apollo Visitor Complex Project is a team activity that invites families to imagine a time when people travel to the moon for vacation, visiting lunar landing sites from NASA’s Apollo missions. Due to unique characteristics of the moon, these historic sites have been preserved almost exactly as they appeared when the astronauts first walked on the moon. The footprints – as well as many other artifacts like American flags, a lunar lander, scientific equipment and even golf balls – are still there!

In this unique program, families work together to research, report, design, construct, and present a visitor complex for people visiting the lunar landing sites. Your team will create a video that will be shared with others in our online learning community, Pepper™ … to win prizes and share with other aspiring astronauts.

PCG is excited to present this adventure in a time of distance learning and remote education. This activity combines elements of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math with the excitement of space travel.

We Came In Peace will help you prepare for a future role in the space program. We believe that one of you working on this project will be the first person to walk on Mars!

And the countdown begins … 3 – 2 – 1 Liftoff!

Thank you to all who registered for this exciting new program. PCG's free promotion has ended.

Feel free to contact us at is you have any questions 

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